21st Century Loving

21st Century Loving is a meditation on people and relationships by Toronto-based artist Brian Lynn.

In the 20th Century we started to move beyond heterosexual marriage as the only legitimate close relationship form, with developments such as the acceptance of pre-marital sex and cohabitation, and public awareness of same-sex relationships.

In the 21st Century, new ways of relating and new acceptance of sexual options are emerging. People wanting close relationships with others can choose monogamy, serial monogamy, consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, solo poly, and/or relationship anarchy, as well as sexual or non-sexual BDSM relationships. People’s sexual orientations and options include asexuality, demisexuality, heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, swinging, and more.

In 21st Century Loving I’m exploring some of these options and styles, through interviews, videos, photos, paintings, and computer imagery, among other art forms.


Introduction to the 21st Century Loving Project

This short video talks about what I hope to accomplish with this project. (Some nudity).

Relationships Teaser

This is a short compilation of some interviews that I did as part of the project. (Mature themes).


This is a somewhat longer video that explores the thoughts and feelings of three polyamorous people and shows them interacting in the studio (nudity, mature language).

Trio: Painting Process

In this short video I talk about how I created the paintings that are part of this process. (Nudity).